Holby City Interview

Q: Harvey believes Kyla's not fit to be a mother but what do you think?

RAKIE: I think Harvey's so wrong. She is fit to be a mother, but what she hasn't quite worked out is how best to be a single working mother. She just needs to take the time to work things out. When things are good between her and Max they are great, but when they are bad they are rubbish.

Q: Why did Kyla and Harvey split up?

RAKIE: I think they split up because Kyla is so volatile. The more we learn about Harvey the more I think he might not be the reason for their split.

Q: Do you think they could ever get back together?

RAKIE: I think Harvey still loves Kyla but I don't know if she's in love with him. He's the father of her child so she has that connection with him but he pushes too many of the wrong buttons, so it just doesn't work. If they do get back together, I think it'll be a mistake and Max will get stuck in the middle again. She doesn't let Harvey make her laugh anymore and I think she needs someone who will amuse her.

Q: How does she feel about Justin?

RAKIE: She fancies Justin - he's a gorgeous man. The physical attraction is very strong.

Q: How challenging has this storyline been to play?

RAKIE: It is every actors dream to be given a storyline in which your skills are used to the max, but a storyline in which you have to display high emotion does leave you feeling exhausted.

Q: Are we going to see a bitter custody battle?

RAKIE: I never find out what's planned in advance for my character. I think Kyla and Harvey will try to sort things out amicably, but unfortunately as their relationship is so volatile I think it will end in a custody battle.

Q: Who do you think Max belongs with? Kyla or Harvey?

RAKIE: That's a really hard question, talking as someone who has never been in that situation. At this point in his life, I think Max would be better off with his father. It would break Kyla's heart if a court ruled as such but I don't think that she can really give him what she needs at this point in life. He needs his father's presence. Max is at that point in his life that if he doesn't have a strong role model he could go off the rails. It would break Kyla's heart for that to happen.

Q: What's been your fave scene to film and why?

RAKIE: Technically I love the scenes we do in one big shot. I like the pressure it puts on the cast and crew. Any long scenes we've done in one shot I just love even if they're terrifying.

Q: Who's your best mate on set?

RAKIE: It's a tough call between Jaye Jacobs and Sharon D Clarke. They are both lovely.

Q: Had any embarrassing bloopers?

RAKIE: Oh probably loads! None of mine are ever as funny as other people's so I doubt I'll make any money out of them. I do tend to swear when I get something wrong but I don't think it's very funny. My stage head kicks in when something is going wrong which makes me just keep going.


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