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Rakie Ayola - Holby Cityís Kyla Tyson on sauce, salmon and scones.

Whatís your secret food vice?

I can eat spoonfuls of HP Sauce - and it has to be HP. I eat it like soup!

And your favourite food?

Marks & Spencerís cheese scones. I eat at least half-a-dozen a week!

Whereís you favourite restaurant?

My friends and I have been checking out restaurants in Blackheath and Greenwich, where I live, and our favourite is The Rivington. I always have their salmon. In fact, whatever restaurant Iím in, Iíll always have salmon if I can.

Your best meal ever?

I was walking in the Inca Trail in Peru five years ago and was starving. The cook and porters made us omelette, followed by popcorn. At the time it tasted divine!

Any seduction food?

The first - and last - time I tried to cook to seduce I made an inedible tuna mayo pasta. I told the fella, Adam, that he wouldnít be able to eat it and after one mouthful he agreed. It did the trick - weíre married now!

Your signature dish?

A stuffed aubergine meal called Imam Bayaldi. Iíve been cooking it for 20 years but I still have to check the recipe every time! Iím not veggie, but I used to be - I wanted to prove I could do it.

What food canít you stand?

I had steak tartare in Paris when I was on honeymoon and pregnant, I didnít realise it was raw - itís the only time Iíve taken food from my mouth.

Whatís the weirdest food youíve ever eaten?

I was in Kenya when a rattlesnake slithered into our camp. The men beat it to death and the next day we fried it. It tasted chewy and rubbery.

And your last meal request?

Cheese scones, Walkers crisps - Prawn Cocktail or Marmite flavour - and popcorn.

My daily diet:

  • Breakfast - two rashers of bacon and some mushrooms.
  • Lunch - stir-fry noodles with chicken.
  • Dinner - a Jamie Oliver dish made with prawns, rocket and chilli.
  • Snacks - at least one cheese scone or a packet of crisps.
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